The future of people movers is on the horizon.

Set to arrive in Australia this winter is our all-new people mover, Staria. And when it does, it will take the people mover category into a bold new direction. With a strikingly futuristic exterior based on the streamlined aesthetics of a spacecraft, its standout design features include horizontal daytime running lights that span across its front end, expansive panoramic windows, and a roof height optimised for premium comfort and convenience.

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LED daytime running lights.

Unique, bright and energy efficient, the Staria’s LED daytime running lights mean you stand out from the crowd and stand out for oncoming traffic. Increased visibility during daylight hours means safer driving and easier parking in low-light conditions such as carparks and tunnels.

Panoramic windows.

The Staria’s lowered beltlines and panoramic side windows improve overall visibility.

Smart dual power sliding doors.

Technology that makes your life easier. If you find yourself beside the Staria holding heavy bags with the smart key nearby, the smart dual power doors will automatically slide open. It’s like having an extra pair of hands when you need it most.

Register for a 24 Hour Test Drive

Witness the unveiling.

Watch the all-new STARIA Digital World Premiere to see the full unveiling of our new people mover.


*Overseas model shown. Features and specifications vary depending on region.